Our Work

Areas of Focus


Sexual Health

Starting the dialogue on sexual health, from condoms to consent!

Mental Health

Breaking stigmas and building knowledge and community around depression, anxiety, substance abuse and more.

LGBTQ+ issues & Sexuality

Coming to terms with sexuality and gender identity in a culture where it's even harder to stray from the "norm."

reproductive health

It's not all about getting married and having kids, folks!

IDENTITY & third culture

What does it mean to balance both Western and South Asian cultures?

Sample Seminars & Workshops

The Bengali Birds 'n The Bees

Our very first workshop - which we had the opportunity to present at the North American Bengali Conference (NABC), a large South Asian cultural conference. Here, we talked about growing up as Bengali-Americans, and navigating the complicated world of sex, relationships, and identity while straddling both cultures. We had some amazing storytelling and found common experiences that brought everyone a little bit closer.

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Love, sex & Bollywood

Love them or hate them, Bollywood movies are a staple in South Asian culture. Whether we know it or not, we internalize the often very alarming messages that we see in these movies. In this workshop, we explored how South Asian pop culture and Bollywood portrays sex and virginity, gender roles, colorism, the mythical "susheel" brown girl, and and so much more. 

TABOO: Stigmas in the South Asian Community

Growing up South Asian American we face expectations at every turn - how to dress, how to talk, what to study, and who to date (what even is that?!) or marry. Straying from the well-traveled roads can mean gossip and stares from aunties, as if navigating life as a young adult wasn't hard enough. In this workshop, we explore expectations, stigmas, identity and common experiences shared by many South Asian youth. 

So you've never smoked pot, right?

What comes to mind when you hear the term model minority? Nerdy, know-it-all, smart Asians destined to become doctors or engineers easily come to mind. But are all Asians "naturally" smart and good at science and math? Do they all actually want to be doctors and engineers? The truth is - no. Our identities are far more complex than our professions, and in this workshop we explore how our Asian-American identities can shape our experiences with racism, mental health, substance abuse, and more. 


What Will People Say (Log Kya Kahenge/LOKERA KI BOLBEY)

This workshop, SASMHA focuses on how sexual and mental health are the crux of shame and guilt that Desi Americans experience, breaking down taboos, expectations, being a third culture kid, and more. This workshop focuses on broad themes but can be adapted to audiences of specific South Asian cultures.

Who's Brown, Bad, and Doesn't Get Laid_.jpg


This interactive workshop focuses on American and South Asian media representations of sex, sexuality, gender norms, and expectations through the lens of being a third culture kid - all the way from Queer Eye’s Tan France to what happens when a sex scene comes in your favorite Bollywood movie.



This workshop explores the influence and nuances of media and technology consumption, and how this consumption effects mental health in AAPI communities.

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