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Ep. 5 // Get Naked and Vote!!

CW: trans erasure

The fantastic four is back! Join us as we talk politics, current madness coming out of the 45 administration, South Asians in politics, and of course, the importance of going out and voting!!

Not sure where to figure out your voting information? Go to vote.org to find your deadlines, polling place, and so much more!

Check out SAALT’s 2018 South Asian-focused Midterm Election Voting Guide here, and the #DesiWallofShame.

Tania Chatterjee
Ep. 4 // Queering Gender

The founders chat with licensed social worker and sex therapist, Sonalee Rashatwar (she/they), about a topic that can be at times equal parts frustrating, confusing and enlightening: gender. What does it mean to "queer gender"? How are gender roles affected by other parts of our presentation? There's a good amount of "woah!" moments.

Learn more about Sonalee's work:

Tania Chatterjee
Ep. 1 // Welcome to the Brown Taboo Project

CW: Sexual abuse, abortion

Brown people -- let's talk about sex and mental health, baby! After ~2 years of trying to figure out how to make discussions around sexual and mental health issues accessible to our South Asian community, we had an idea: PODCAST! South Asian Sexual Health Alliance (SASHA) co-founders Sree Sinha, Tania Chatterjee, Trinish Chatterjee and Sriya Sarkar chat about what taboo problems they're dealing with in their very brown lives.

Articles referenced:

The Azar Nafisi novel is called "Things I've Been Silent About”

Tania Chatterjee